Volatus concept

My work is an exploration of secrets. An exploration of shame, disgust, fear and above all, the human condition. I chose to focus on the feminine archetype due to how much it has been constricted and renounced to be unbecoming. I want to bring the power, strength and wilderness back into femininity and change the perception of the feminine, empower this side of the human and help it be unapologetic. Every human has the potential to become awoken to their own nature and empower the crude essence of being without the need to label or control it. I want to show that- to bring you on an adventure into the darkness within us all. I want to show you the deep beauty of an inner sadness and bright lights of a sharp hidden pain, to awaken you to dive into your pleasure and feel all the emotions behind it. Follow me into the darkness and you will see wondrous secrets that lay awaiting for your sweet surrender, to see that which cannot be seen and face the terror that is yours and the light that awakens from your greatest fears.