• catiasilvestre

And so the veil has once again become so thin we can feel the sweet whispers of the ones who left.

This is a time to honour them, prepare a feast of their favourite things, remember them with stories and enjoy their visit to us on this magical day.

It is also a time to shed, embrace death and allow the death of all that no longer serves you. Write down all you wish to let go of and let the fire burn it away for tomorrow the day will rise and with the new day so you will rise without all that you allowed to die today.

Blessed Samhain to all and may the darkness shine bright in you tonight, let the fire cleanse you and be reborn tomorrow.

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  • catiasilvestre

She is darkness incarnate, she is sweet melancholy in your shattered dreams. Surrender to her will and she will take you on and adventure into the depths of your soul.

Darkness is within you and so is light, dive into it and reveal what is lurking behind the faces you see when you close your eyes.

Call upon her and you will be avenged, all the wrong and all the pain will be forever broken, like shattered pieces of a mirror, so will you be free to be without the fear of your old reflection.

Hear the scream that has been trapped for so long, set it free, how beautiful it is, how it trembles and shakes the foundations of your being.

Let down your hair and listen to the whispers of the wind, let it tell you of the secrets of the world, fell the soft embrace of the dark mother.

Let her guide you and you will not regret it, for she is you and I am she.

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