Hi! I am Catia and I am originally from Portugal.

Have always created my own reality to escape boredom or problems of life. In this escapes I often find amazing worlds of beauty.


I love to search within the human nature and look at things we often hide or feel ashamed of. It is here where I often find the most real and beautiful ideas that inspire my work.


The inner feminine archetype is something that has always inspired my work due to being a way of awakening myself and getting in contact with all aspects of my being.

Escaping the norm and the rules imposed by society on what we are supposed to be or be like.


Connecting to my femininity and to the status of wild woman has given me a voice to speak out and to reclaim my identity. I aim to focus my Designs on 3 elements Simplicity, Authenticity and Individuality and focus on sustainability and ethical sourcing of materials.


I choose to design womenswear because I want to empower the female aspect in all humans. Awakening the inner goddess and the crude and wild aspects of the feminine archetype in everyone.